Digital Data 2013-0031

Author(s) Date 2014-05-07

The dataset includes subsurface stratigraphic picks for the interfingering members that define the transition between the Belly River Group and the Lea Park Formation in east-central Alberta (Townships 1 to 62, Ranges 1W4 to 21W4) made from wireline geophysical well logs. Coarsening upwards, siltstone to sandstone-dominated members of the Belly River Group include (from youngest to oldest) the upper Birch Lake, lower Birch Lake, Ribstone Creek, Victoria, and Brosseau members. Interfingering mudstone-dominated members of the Lea Park Formation include the Mulga, Grizzly Bear, Vanesti, and Shandro members. Where the top and base are present, we calculated isochore values for each member.

Well data were screened to detect errors resulting from deviated wells, as well as incorrect ground and kelly bushing elevation data. We used statistical methods to identify local and regional statistical outliers, which were examined individually.

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