Digital Data 2014-0012

Since its inception in 1920, the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) has drilled several thousand boreholes across the province. Most were drilled only into the unconsolidated sediments overlying the top of bedrock. In 2010, AGS staff began a project to systematically compile all of the borehole log information into a database. This Digital Data product and its companion Open File Report, OFR 2014-06 are the interim results of this initiative.

The dataset comprises three tables: Sources.txt, Boreholes.txt and Intervals.txt, as well as metadata. The Sources table gives summary information about the AGS project for which each borehole was drilled. The Boreholes table gives summary information about each borehole, such as location, drilling method, date, and total depth of the hole. The Intervals table gives descriptive geological information about each distinct geological horizon encountered in the borehole, including lithology and colour of the material. The tables have primary keys on them so they may be loaded into a relational database, GIS system, or geological modelling program. This dataset is an interim release of 266 boreholes.

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