Digital Data 2017-0027

Author(s) Date 2018-02-07

The dataset includes lithostratigraphic picks made from wireline logs for the Paleozoic succession in northeastern Alberta (Townships 59-104, Ranges 1-19, west of the fourth meridian. The dataset comprises group-, formation-, member-, and unit-level stratigraphy, including: 
1) Cambrian System: Cambrian Basal Sandstone unit and Earlie Formation, 
2) Devonian Elk Point Group: La Loche Formation, Basal Red Beds unit of the Lotsberg Formation, lower and upper Lotsberg Formation and intervening Middle Red Beds unit, Ernestina Lake Formation, Cold Lake Formation, Contact Rapids Formation, Keg River Formation, Prairie Evaporite Formation including Whitkow, Shell Lake, and Leofnard members, including the White Bear and Conklin marker beds of the Leofnard Member, including the "remnant Prairie Evaporite unit" (insoluble breccias east of the Prairie Evaporite halite dissolution scarp where all halite and sulphates are dissolved), and Watt Mountain Formation, 
3) Beaverhill Lake Group: Fort Vermilion Formation, Slave Point Formation, Waterways Formation including Firebag, Calumet, Christina, Moberly, and Mildred members, 
4) Woodbend Group: Cooking Lake Formation, Leduc Formation, lower and upper Ireton Formation, Grosmont Formation including lower Grosmont, upper Grosmont 1, upper Grosmont 2, and upper Grosmont 3 units, 
5) Winterburn Group: Nisku Formation, Calmar Formation, and Graminia Formation, 
6) undifferentiated Wabamun Group, and 
7) sub-Cretaceous unconformity. 

Where a formation-, member-, or unit-level pick corresponds to the top of a group, both stratigrapic picks are included in the dataset.

NTS Keywords

Hauck, T.E. (2018): Subsurface stratigraphic picks for the Paleozoic succession in northeastern Alberta, townships 59-104, ranges 1-19, west of the Fourth Meridian (tabular data, tab-delimited format); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Data 2017-0027.