Digital Data 2020-0030

Author(s) Date 2021-09-27

This grid represents the hydraulic head distribution in the Dunvegan hydrostratigraphic unit (HSU). It is a result of a geostatistical model which was constructed using publicly available data from the following sources:

  1. Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) Alberta Water Well Information Database (AWWID)
  2. Pressure data from drillstem tests from oil and gas wells

The hydraulic head surface was mapped at a regional scale using many years of data, thus providing a general indication of regional groundwater flow within the unit rather than site-specific values.

Singh, A. (2021): Distribution of hydraulic head in the Dunvegan hydrostratigraphic unit  (gridded data, ASCII format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2020-0030.