Digital Data 2021-0011

Author(s) Date 2022-05-06

This digital data release includes the results of whole-rock major and trace element geochemical analyses of plutonic and metamorphic rock samples from the Taltson magmatic zone of the Canadian Shield of northeastern Alberta. The samples are part of the AGS collection of Alberta Precambrian shield rocks created by the late John Godfrey in the 1970s. A selection of samples from this collection was analyzed to obtain whole-rock composition for the detection of minerals of economic interest and obtain a complete chemical characterization. Analytical techniques included spot measurements with a handheld, portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer as well as standard laboratory whole-rock geochemical analysis methods.

NTS Keywords

Lopez, G.P., Weiss, J.A., Smerek, G.L. and Massey, S.N. (2022): Geochemistry of plutonic and metamorphic rock samples from Taltson magmatic zone, Canadian Shield, Northeastern Alberta (74M) (tabular data, tab-delimited format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2021-0011.