Digital Data 2021-0029

This data release contains temperature data used to create a 3D subsurface temperature model for Alberta's deep subsurface (depths >1000 m). The main sources of data are:

  1. A previously unpublished temperature database produced at the University of Alberta during the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative as part of a data sharing agreement with the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS). This dataset consists of measured temperatures from drillstem tests and annual pool pressure survey reports, as well as Horner-corrected wireline log bottomhole temperature (BHT) data.
  2. A database of uncorrected BHTs which was compiled from an AGS legacy dataset produced by manually transcribing log header data from microfiche logs, and combined with BHT data newly extracted from Log ASCII Standard (LAS) well log header data.

The uncorrected BHT data have been corrected using an Alberta-calibrated Harrison correction and have undergone a statistical culling process to compile this dataset.

Additional details regarding the methodology of assembling this dataset can be found in the methodology section of AGS Open File Report 2021-05: Temperature Mapping of Select Devonian Strata in Alberta.

Place Keywords

Brinsky, J., Singh, A., Hauck, T.E., Grobe, M. and Palombi, D. (2022): Subsurface temperature model of Alberta: input data (tabular data, tab-delimited format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2021-0029.