Digital Data 2021-0030

This data release contains point cloud data with predicted temperatures and the accompanying standard error extracted from a 3D temperature model created using ArcGIS Pro's 3D empirical Bayesian kriging interpolation technique.

The model area is bounded by the Alberta–United States border in the south, the deformation front associated with the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the southwest, the Alberta borders with British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Saskatchewan in the west, north, and east, respectively, and where the top of the Precambrian basement is at depths >1000 m in the northeast.

The model was generated using culled temperature measurements from wireline logs (corrected temperatures), drillstem tests, and annual pool surveys.

Details on the methodology used to create this model can be found in Section 3 of AER/AGS Open File Report 2021-05: Temperature Mapping of Select Devonian Strata in Alberta.

Place Keywords

Brinsky, J., Singh, A., Hauck, T.E., Grobe, M. and Palombi, D. (2022): Subsurface temperature model of Alberta: point cloud data (tabular data, tab-delimited format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2021-0030.