Earth Sciences Report 1957-02

Author(s) Date 1957-12-31

This report presents the preliminary results of mapping surficial deposits of the Alliance-Brownfield district of eastern Alberta. The distribution of glacial deposits in the Alliance-Brownfield district is shown on two maps, (1) 57-2A, Alliance district and (2) 57-2B, Brownfield district. The eastern part of the Alliance-Brownfield district is made up of hummocky dead-ice moraine and the western part is a relatively flat till plain, the Torlea flats (Warren, 1937). Till covers most of the surface of the area, and other glacial and nonglacial deposits comprise only a small fraction of the total. The bedrock of the area is composed of Upper Cretaceous unconsolidated bentonitic shales and sandstones which have a gentle dip to the southwest. Examination of the glacial land forms in the Alliance Brownfield district suggests that they were deposited from stagnant ice. Consequently, the origin of glacial deposits and the glacial history is discussed in terms of large-scale downwasting and stagnation of the last glacier which covered the district.

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Bayrock, L.A. (1958): Glacial geology Alliance-Brownfield district Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1957-02, 55 p.