Earth Sciences Report 1966-06

Author(s) Date 1966-12-31

As an aid to those interested in resources of the undeveloped northern regions, an annotated catalogue is presented, listing most reported coal occurrences in the Yukon and Mackenzie Territories (112 degrees - 141 degrees west longitude and 60 degrees - 71 degrees north latitude). A map locates known coal deposits and areas underlain by potentially coal bearing formations. It is believed that in the north, a land of perennial water-shortage, local supplies of coal will, in many cases, prove to be the preferred sources of energy for electric power, process heat and metallurgy. Primary information contained in the catalogue is derived largely from published reports and maps of the Geological Survey of Canada.

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Campbell, J.D. (1967): Ardley coal zone in the Alberta Plains: central Red Deer River area; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Earth Sciences Report 1967-01, 36 p.