In 2004, a National Geochemical Reconnaissance Survey (NGR) stream sediment and stream water geochemical survey was undertaken by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) in the northern and southern parts of the Buffalo Head Hills of north-central Alberta. Results from the 2004 survey augment NGR data obtained in the Buffalo Head Hills area during 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Preliminary kimberlite-indicator mineral data are released in this report for stream sediment bulk sample 84C-2004-BS-1004, collected in 2004 within the Haig Lake (84C/16) map area. The reader is cautioned that

(i) data from other samples collected in the area are not contained within this report,

(ii) not all of the data from sample 84C-2004-BS-1004 are provided, and

(iii) the data that are reported have not been subjected to all of the usual NGR quality control checks.

However, the results for sample 84C-2004-BS-1004 are believed to have mineral exploration significance, and an early release of information was deemed appropriate.

The source of the kimberlite-indicator mineral grains recovered from sample 84C-2004-BS-1004 may remain to be discovered. The nearest known kimberlite is located 30 km to the east.

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Prior, G.J., McCurdy, M.W., Day, S.J.A., Nicoll, T.J., Friske, P.W.B. and McNeil, R.J. (2005): Preliminary release of kimberlite-indicator mineral data from National Geochemical Reconnaissance stream survey sample 84C-2004-BS-1004, Haig Lake area (NTS 84C/16), southern Buffalo Head Hills, Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Geo-Note 2005-04, 16 p.