Interactive App or Map 015

Author(s) Date 2024-04-02

The Alberta Geology, Minerals and Energy Infrastructure Mapping Application is a web-based, interactive mapping platform that provides users with the ability to select, integrate, share, and communicate a wide variety of public data in any area of Alberta. 

This application uses a compilation of spatial datasets from the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS), Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and Government of Alberta (GoA) to show features, areas, and points of interest related to energy resource development, as well as metallic and industrial mineral potential across the province. 

The information available to view in this application represent the datasets most frequently requested by First Nation and Métis communities, which expressed interest in learning about energy resource development and potential on a regional basis.

Datasets used in this application were compiled on March 25, 2024 using previously published datasets from the AGS and publicly available datasets from the AER and the GoA.

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