Information Series 098

Author(s) Date 1979-12-31

Due to the growing demand for bottled waters in North America, a study was undertaken to assess the feasibility of bottling domestic well water in Alberta. Chemical quality of these groundwaters was compared with that of Canadian and imported bottled waters. This study showed that the chemical quality of Alberta groundwaters was comparable to that of certain popular brands of bottled waters. These groundwaters contained concentrations of trace elements such as phosphorus and strontium that were in excess of the acceptable limit for drinking water. These sampled waters also contained fluoride and iron concentrations that were above the limit for drinking water. It was concluded that the sampled well waters could be marketed, providing that objectionable iron and fluoride concentrations were reduced.

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Balakrishna, T. and Wallick, E.I. (1982): Marketable mineral waters of Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Information Series 98, 17 p.