Information Series 121

Author(s) Date 1993-11-30

Recognizing the potential for the application of surface geophysical techniques to geologically complex coal deposits in the Canadian Cordillera, a group of coal mining companies, contractors and government agencies formed a joint venture in 1988 to test and assess the current state of the art. The project, called the Foothills/Mountain Surface Geophysics Project, was designed to be conducted over a three-year period, answering technical questions as they arose, and progressing into technically more difficult geological and topographical situations. A detailed report was submitted at the end of each year (Hoffman et al., 1989; Hoffman and Sartorelli, 1990; Hoffman et al., 1991). The present report summarizes the work.

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Hoffman, G.L. and Langenberg, C.W. (1993): Foothills/mountain surface geophysics project final report; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Information Series 121, 43 p.