Of the 19 samples collected and processed, 14 contain kimberlite-indicator minerals (KIMs) including pyrope, eclogitic garnet, Cr-diopside, ilmenite, chromite and olivine. KIMs were detected in samples that are located in excess of 90 km away from known kimberlitic sources. It is possible that some of these KIMs were derived from secondary or tertiary sediment sources, or have been glacially transported from known sources (i.e,. long distance dispersion). But some of the KIMs are suspected to be from undiscovered sources. At one site in particular, a number of KIMs were recovered from a till that has drastic textural, mineralogical and geochemical differences from the ubiquitous regional surface till. This likely reflects a different source provenance of the KIMs than those contained within the overlying younger till.

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Paulen, R.C., Waight, B. and Kjarsgaard, I.M. (2005): Kimberlite-indicator mineral results from reconnaissance till sampling in the east Peace River region (NTS 84C/east), Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Information Series 132, 1 p.