Information Series 137

Author(s) Date 2010-03-07

Information Series report 137 is a preliminary map to make industry, government and Albertans aware of Alberta's metallic mineral and diamond potential. The map displays the locations of more than 4000 deposits and occurrences based on about 50 industry (mineral assessment) and government sources (including previous mineral potential compilations).

The map also highlights deposits and mineral occurrences that currently have an elevated level of exploration interest. Examples of these include the Clear Hills iron deposits, diamondiferous kimberlites in the Buffalo Head Hills, polymetallic black shale in the Birch Mountains, Burmis magnetite, Prairie Evaporite Formation potash, Athabasca uranium and Swan Hills lithium, all of which occur in rural or remote areas of Alberta.

Industry should note the variety of mineral resources in Alberta, including diamonds, base and precious metals, uranium, potash and lithium. For government, the map can educate land-use framework and Alberta Land Stewardship Act leaders on the potential commodities for the diversification of Alberta's resource base.

Recognition and sustainable management of Alberta's mineral resources are required to meet the current and future needs of Albertans.

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Rukhlov, A.S. and Eccles, D.R. (2010): Metallic mineral and diamond potential of Alberta summary; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Information Series 137, 1 p.