The Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) developed a 3D geological model of the Peace River area in Minecraft format to engage with people of all ages as they explore Alberta’s subsurface in a whole new way. This model brings robust scientific information generated from our 3D Geological Framework models into an interactive gaming platform, allowing users to mine through the subsurface and discover Alberta's geology.

The Minecraft model of the Peace River area, in northwest Alberta, is the first Minecraft model built by the AGS. This model covers 74,471 km2. This solid version of the model is shown using a 25 times vertical exaggeration, and each Minecraft block represents approximately 625 m x 625 m x 25 m.

Use of this Minecraft model requires the installation of Minecraft software to view the model.

NTS Keywords

MacCormack, T.J. and Galloway, E.J. (2017): Solid 3D geological model of the Peace River area, generalized for Minecraft (Minecraft format); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Information Series 146.