Map 10

Author(s) Date 1925-01-01

Map 10 was published in 1925 by the Geological Survey Division.

This map was superceded by Map 236, Geological Map of Alberta, in 1999 and then by Map 600, Bedrock Geology of Alberta, in 2013.

This is an outdated 1:1584000 scale compilation of the geology of Alberta.

This map was digitized by the AGS and updated in 2020 to fix areas that had historical markings (rips and tears) with a version obtained by the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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Allan, J.A. (1925):Geological map of the province of Alberta Canada; republished digitally in 2020 by Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Map 10, scale 1:1 584 000.