This map represents a computer-generated geostatistical model of the sediment thickness and distribution in the Edmonton-Calgary corridor (ECC) using a new bedrock topography model.

This map represents the thickness of sediments that occur between ground surface and the top of the bedrock surface. Sediment thickness in the ECC is highly variable ranging from less than 1 m to more than 100 m. Although variable, one can observe an overall trend between sediment thickness and the physiographic regions. In general, areas of thin sediment cover (less than 5 m) occur in areas where the bedrock surface is near or forms the ground surface. Areas of thick sediment (greater than 5 m) occur in the Plains physiographic region.

NTS Keywords

Slattery, S.R. and Barker, A.A. (2011): Thickness of Quaternary and Neogene sediments in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor (NTS 82O, 82P, 83A, 83B, 83G and 83H); Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Map 548