Map 603 is superseded by Map 611 - Sediment Thickness of Alberta - Version 2


This map is a rendering of a computer-generated geostatistical model of the thickness and distribution of sediment overlying bedrock in Alberta using a newly revised bedrock topography model of the province (AGS Map 602), and provides refined details on an earlier reconstruction of the sediment isopach map of the province (AGS Map 551).

The thickness and distribution of sediments overlying the bedrock surface in Alberta is highly varied, ranging from less than 1 m to as much as 350 m. These sediments include Neogene fluvial deposits, glacigenic materials deposited during Quaternary glaciation, as well as postglacial sediments.

Explanatory notes, references, and data sources appear on a supplementary page to accompany the map. These notes describe the data sources and methods used to calculate the thickness and distribution of sediment isopach across Alberta. The rationale for selecting the most appropriate Digital Elevation Model for this task is also discussed.

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