Model 2020-03

Author(s) Date 2020-03-16

This version of the Three-Dimensional (3D) Property Model of the Montney Formation in Alberta, supersedes the first version published as AER/AGS Model 2019-01.

The model area covers approximately 88 000 km2 and is bounded by the Alberta-British Columbia border in the west, the deformation edge associated with the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the southwest, and the erosional edge of the Montney Formation to the north and east. The model volume is defined by the top and base surfaces of the Montney Formation taken from version 2 of the 3D Provincial Geological Framework model of Alberta, and is divided into five model zones: the lower, middle, and upper Montney, and the Anten coquina and La Glace sandstone.

The model consists of eight properties in a 3D grid generated from petrophysical well-log analysis: shale volume, total organic carbon, total porosity, water saturation, Poisson’s ratio, shear modulus, bulk modulus, and Young’s modulus. We used the Gaussian Random Function Simulation (GRFS) algorithm in Schlumberger Petrel 2017 (Petrel) to model all of the properties. In total, we simulated 100 realizations for each of the properties to represent the range of uncertainty in the model. For completeness, the four 2D properties (pressure gradient, temperature gradient, gas-oil ratio, and condensate-gas ratio), unchanged from the first version of the property model, are also included in this release.

We used Petrel to create the model and exported it to non-proprietary formats for use in other software. The model is available for download in the following packages, each accompanied by a document detailing the methodology:

1. the 2D and 3D grids within a Petrel project file [Download, 2.7 GB]

2. a deconstructed model dataset composed of continuous model horizons as Esri format grids, and a zone model extent shapefiles [Download, 10 MB]

3. populated model properties as point data in ASCII format [Download, 1.3 GB]

4. all of the above data [Download, 4 GB]

Place Keywords

Lyster, S.; Brown, L. and Playter, T.L.(2020): 3D property model of the Montney Formation in Alberta, version 2 (methodology, model, dataset, multiple files); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Model 2020-03.