Open File Report 1966-02

Author(s) Date 1966-09-30

The Groundwater Division of the Research Council of Alberta has participated since 1959 in the discovery, exploration, and testing of the preglacial Edson buried-valley aquifer. The Edson buried valley, trending northeast-southwest and passing slightly to the south of the town of Edson, contains in places up to 14 feet of permeable sands and gravels. Single wells completed within it are estimated to be capable of yielding up to 125 imperial gallons per minute on a sustained long-term basis. The total estimated sustained long-term yield for the three town wells now penetrating the aquifer is 210 Imperial gallons per minute.

The complete evaluation of the groundwater potential of the buried valley aquifer requires an extensive program of exploration and testing along an approximate 10-mile length of the valley. The initial part of the program, delineating the extent and thickness of the buried sands and gravels, should cost about $6000. The costs of the second part of the program, accurate determination of groundwater potential at the more favorable locations, can only be estimated realistically when the first part is complete.

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Lennox, D.H. (1966): The preglacial Edson buried-valley aquifer, 51-15-W5; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1966-02, 5 p.