Open File Report 1967-01

Author(s) Date 1966-12-31

The Alberta soil survey has estimated that roughly 25 000 000 acres of organic soils occur in Alberta. The classification of these soils to date has not received the attention or study that has been given to mineral soils. For mapping purposes, these soils have simply been classified as being derived from sedges or from sphagnum moss. The results of a study done between 1957 and 1962 indicated that in the more northerly areas of the Caribou and Birch mountains and the Cameron Hills that the organic soils are permanently frozen.

It would appear that in Alberta little agronomic use is being made of the peat lands. As far as is known, no major reclamation projects have been undertaken with a view to bringing any extensive area of peat under cultivation. This may be because an extensive area of mineral soils is still available for agricultural development and, therefore, the use of peat land for cultivation has not been necessary.

Alberta Research Council (1967): Organic soils tour - Alberta soil survey, 1967; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1967-01, 39 p.