Open File Report 1983-21

Author(s) Date 1981-12-31

The Alberta Geological Survey, a department of the Alberta Research Council (ARC), in its fourth year of a five year contract with Alberta

Energy and Natural Resources (AENR), cored five testholes in the Alix area northeast of the City of Red Deer to supplement information obtained from twenty-nine testholes drilled during the 1981 drilling program. In addition, one testhole was cored in the Camrose area to provide information to a previous study conducted in the area.

This report discusses methods of preparations and operations (drilling, coring, logging, cementing and reclamation) which are similar to those used in previous years. Also included are a cost analysis of the coring program and individual performance graphs for each testhole cored. In conclusion, a program evaluation with recommendations pertaining to the 1982 program is presented.

Field operations started on May 31 and were completed on June 24. During this period six testholes were successfully completed in eighteen 24-hour working days. Excellent weather, a high core recovery rate (93%) and good drilling personnel and equipment were all contributing factors to a successful drilling season.

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Bosman, A. (1983): Scollard Member coal, Alix area: drilling report, 1982; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1983-21, 31 p.