OFR 1985-01

Soil Survey of Thunder Lake Provincial Park and Interpretation for Recreational Use

Author(s) Date 1983-12-31

This report is one of a series describing soil surveys conducted in Alberta provincial parks during the summer of 1976: Cypress Hills, Writing On Stone, Dry Island Buffalo Jump, Jarvis Bay, Wabamun Lake, Thunder Lake, Moose Lake and Moonshine Lake. Also included were the Blue Lake Centre in William A. Switzer Provincial Park, as well as areas in the vicinity of Carsel and Hilliard's Bay (on the northwestern shore of Lesser Slave Lake). The total area mapped was approximately 30 000 ha.

Greenlee, G.M. (1984): Soil survey of Thunder Lake Provincial Park and interpretation for recreational use; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1985-01, 34 p.