OFR 1986-21

Geodial Users Guide

Author(s) Date 1985-12-31

GEODIAL, a bibliographic database if Alberta geoscience reports is operated by the Alberta Geological Survey Department of the Alberta Research Council. It is made publicly available through the Stanford Public Information Retrieval System (SPIRES), a data base management system on the University of Alberta's Amdahl computer. All on-line users must have a valid sign-on with the University's Computing Services Department. This report is intended to briefly convey how a GEODIAL literature search is conducted. It assumes the reader has basic familiarity with the operation of a computer terminal. For more specific information on any aspect, please contact the Geological Survey Department of the Alberta Research Council. The references listed at the end of this manual are useful for more detailed information on MTS and SPIRES.GEODIAL shares its data with, and receives data from GEOSCAN, the national geologic data base managed by the Geological Survey of Canada.

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MacGillivray, J.R. (1986): Geodial users guide; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1986-21, 23 p.