Open File Report 1988-04

Author(s) Date 1987-12-31

This report summarizes 1 map from the results of a regional stratigraphic study of the Quaternary sequence in the Edmonton map area. The objective of this study was to define the three-dimensional distribution of the glacial and nonglacial lithological units to assist in the evaluation of the natural resources in the Edmonton region.

The study encompassed an area of about 5800 square miles (9200 square km), extending from Townships 46 to 58, and Ranges 14 to 28, west of the 4th meridian. Field investigations consisted primarily of drilling 84 exploratory dry-auger testholes during the summer periods of 1978 through 1981. Some outcrop sections were examined, mainly in exposures along the North Saskatchewan River and within man-made excavations such as aggregate quarries. Samples of the different lithologic units were analysed for grain size distribution, carbonate content, and petrologic characteristics of the very-coarse-sand fraction. The results of these analyses, as well as the testhole lithologs, are not included in this report but are available at the Terrain Sciences Department of the Alberta Research Council. Other data such as previous geologic reports in the area, water-well drill logs, Alberta Environment exploratory drill logs, and oil company structure testhole logs were used to supplement the data collected in this study.

The report contains 27 figures depicting the distribution of the Quaternary geologic units that overlay the pre-glacial bedrock topography. These include: six geologic cross-sections; two 1:250 000-scale maps of the bedrock topography and drift thickness; and 19 1:500 000-scale structure contour and isopach maps of the stratigraphic units. Each figure is designed to stand alone and is accompanied by descriptive text and explanatory notes.

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Andriashek, L.D. (1988): Quaternary stratigraphy of the Edmonton map area, NTS 83H; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1988-04, 31 p.