Open File Report 1992-07

The prime objective of the three year pilot Coal Compilation Project (CCP), initiated in the 1989/90 fiscal year (FY), is to provide coal resource maps to stimulate and support industry exploration programs, and assist government in matters of resource management. An essential feature of the program is the use of cost effective Geoscience Information System (GSIS) technology that allows the database and various thematic maps to be analyzed, updated, and displayed with complete flexibility at any scale.

Each map is intended to be a stand alone, unique product contributing to an overall synthesis of information. Maps generated are at a regional or reconnaissance level. Collection of new data is limited. Data compiled and evaluated are based on Alberta and Federal government sources and unpublished corporate reports and data from the coal industry. The coal industry has cooperated and supported the CCP by providing numerous unpublished corporate reports to the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS). The availability of these reports has been an essential component toward the success of this project.

To the end of the 1991/92 FY, the CCP encompasses fifteen 1:50 000 scale mapsheets. Four mapsheets were completed during the 1989/90 FY, five during the 1990/91 FY and an additional six during the past 1991/92 FY.

Custom maps and database searches can be obtained by contacting the Minerals and Coal Geoscience Section, Alberta Geological Survey, Alberta Research Council. Raw coal exploration data that are in the 'public' domain can, for a nominal fee, be viewed in microfiche form at the Records Center of the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) in Calgary, Alberta. Arrangements can also be made to acquire copies of all/selected data.

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Richardson, R.J.H., Langenberg, C.W., Chao, D.K. and Fietz, D. (1992): Alberta Geological Survey - coal geology: coal compilation project - Cardinal River: NTS 83C/15; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS OFR 1992-07, 102 p.