Open File Report 1993-20

Author(s) Date 1992-12-31

A collection of 11,610 rock samples from the Precambrian Shield of northeastern Alberta is housed at the Mineral Core Research Facility of the Alberta Geological Survey. Sample locations for 2630 samples were determined from the original field maps for the Andrew Lake North, Andrew Lake South, Ashton Lake and Bayonet Lake areas and recorded digitally. Maps showing the site locations and sample numbers for Andrew Lake North, Andrew Lake South and Ashton Lake areas were published on June 1, 1993. Five samples from these sheets were retrieved for geochronological analysis for a Federal project under the Canada-Alberta Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development Program and sixty-seven samples were retrieved for multi-element analysis for a Provincial project.

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Edwards, W.A.D., Miller, S.A. and Boisvert, D.R. (1993): Precambrian shield of Alberta rock sample collection; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1993-20, 37 p.