Open File Report 1998-09

Author(s) Date 1998-12-07

Erratum: Log W98-2 was missing one lithological description. This has been added to the erratum page at the beginning of the report.

This report presents the lithological descriptions of core samples from a drilling program carried out during October 1998 in the Peerless Lake area (NTS 84B) of north-central Alberta. The drilling supported the Wabasca Quaternary project to collect shallow subsurface information on the surficial geology and drift stratigraphy. Drilling was done at seven sites in the northeast and southwest parts of the map area.

A truck-mounted auger drilling rig was used to drill to a maximum depth of 43.6 m. Core was collected from holes at five sites and two additional sites yielded auger flight samples. The core was lithologged in the field, boxed and then transported to Edmonton for further inspection and sampling. The core drilling incorporated a CME 1.52 m (5 foot) split barrel, which cut a 76 mm (3 inch) diameter core and provided a continuous coring from surface.

Samples of about 400 grams were selected from each core and will be submitted for geochemical, texture and matrix carbonate analyses. Additional larger bulk samples of about 30 kg will be submitted for diamond-indicator analysis. Results of these analyses will be presented in a future report.

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Pawlowicz, J.G., Meeks, J.O. and Fenton, M.M. (1998): Auger core descriptions, 1998 drilling, Peerless Lake map sheet (NTS 84B), north-central Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Open File Report 1998-09, 31 p.