Open File Report 2011-04

Author(s) Date 2011-07-18

In this report, we present data on a Belly River Group outcrop section located on the eastern side of the South Saskatchewan River valley, 50 km north-northeast of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Measured outcrop section T17-R3W4-01 includes the uppermost part of the Foremost Formation, a complete section through the Oldman Formation and the lower part of the Dinosaur Park Formation. The report includes a graphic log of the measured section, with an outcrop gamma-ray curve; a detailed description of the section (avoiding lithofacies interpretation but detailing stratigraphic context where appropriate) with selected photos; and the results of biostratigraphic work on a sample from the Foremost Formation.

NTS Keywords

Hathway, B., Banks, C.J. and Hay, D.C. (2011): Measured outcrop section T17-R3W4-01 of the Foremost, Oldman and Dinosaur Park formations (Belly River Group), White Rock Coulée, South Saskatchewan River valley, southeastern Alberta (NTS 72L/08); Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Open File 2011-04, 14 p.