Open File Report 2011-15

Author(s) Date 2011-12-18

This report documents phase 1 of the Induced Seismicity Project. It details the preparations and fieldwork involved in assessing potential sites in Alberta for the semipermanent Alberta Telemetered Seismograph Network (ATSN) stations, sites for the Passive Seismic Imaging of Earth Processes (PSIEP) temporary portable array near the Strachan D3-A gas reservoir southwest of Rocky Mountain House and the maintenance of several Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network stations in central Alberta.

In the summers of 2009 and 2010, seven sites were selected to install ATSN seismic stations consisting of seismometers and digital seismographs: one on the northern border of Alberta just south of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, four in northwestern Alberta (Grande Prairie, Manning, High Level and Red Earth Creek) and two in southern Alberta (Raymond and Medicine Hat). An eighth site was selected by PSIEP at Priddis as an upgrade to a previous installation.

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Stern, V.H., Schultz, R.J. and Jean, G.M. (2011): Alberta Microseismicity Project, Phase I: site assessments for the ATSN semipermanent stations and the PSEIP Strachan temporary seismic array; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Open File Report 2011-15, 67 p.