Presentation 2021-003

Author(s) Date 2021-09-14

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This presentation summarizes the initial findings of a regional core and petrophysical wireline-based stratigraphic study of the Dina, Cummings, and Lloydminster interval in the East Central Plains of Alberta. Given the geological complexity of the region, tradition lithostratigraphic correlations by previous workers has resulted in inconsistencies in the placement of stratigraphic tops and definitions of these units. Using detailed core analysis and wireline correlations we have identified 6 regionally mappable lithostratigraphic surfaces bounded above and below by discontinuity surfaces of variable genesis. These units are, in ascending order the D, C, B, A, Regional Lloydminster, and Lloydminster incised valley fill. Units D-A comprise the Dina and Cummings interval are stacked retrogradationally and represent sediments deposited within a transgressive systems tract. The Regional Lloydminster is progradational and represents a high-stand systems tract. From the base of Unit D to the top of the Regional Lloydminster represents a full depositional sequence as it is bound above and below by a sub-aerial unconformity/correlative conformity.

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