Report 13

Author(s) Date 1945-02-12

Most of the field investigations on which this report is based, were carried out prior to 1925. The junior author compiled and presented much of the material in this report, especially in Part Two, in a thesis written in 1928 in partial fulfillment for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. The geological maps on the Red Deer and Rosebud sectional sheets, which accompany this report as Maps No.8 and No.9, were compiled and published in 1925.

The field data, on which much of this report is based, were compiled after 1917 when the senior author examined the section along the Red Deer River across the entire map-area. In 1921 the senior author, assisted by R.L. Rutherford and J.O.G. Sanderson, investigated the geology in an area of about 75 square miles in the vicinity of Drumheller, along the valley of the Red Deer River and its tributaries. This report entitled 'Geology of the Drumheller Coal Field', appeared as Report No. 4, in a series of reports published by the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta, which in 1930 was changed to the Research Council of Alberta. This designation will be used in the present report.

In 1924 the junior author carried out a more detailed investigation of the Red Deer sectional sheet and parts of the Rosebud sectional sheet, under the supervision of the senior author. Since 1925 much additional data have been compiled by both authors and by other geologists. Some of the more recent information, especially dealing with the coal seams, has been incorporated in this report in so far as it affects the broader geological relations.

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Allan, J.A. and Sanderson, J.O.G. (1945): Geology of Red Deer and Rosebud sheets, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 13, 123 p.