This compilation of analyses has been prepared in response to a large number of requests for analyses of Alberta coals. It would be useless to publish all the analyses in the files of the Research Council, amounting to over 1,200, and it did not seem advisable even to publish analyses for every separate mine of the Province. It was therefore decided to publish analyses by coal areas only, or by districts in certain cases, as for example when there was too marked a difference between the analyses of coals from separate districts of an area. For each area, or district, a typical analysis is given, also maximum and minimum values to indicate the range of variations from the typical. The notes on page 18 should be studied carefully in order that the significance of the analyses may be thoroughly understood.

The figures published are based almost entirely on the analyses of 464 samples taken by the Provincial Mine Inspectors during the past two and one-half years, and analysed by carefully standardized methods in the laboratories of the Research Council. The values selected, however, were, in every case, checked (and modified if necessary) by comparison with all available analyses of samples taken by responsible government officials and analysed in government laboratories. These latter analyses were of samples taken during the past seventeen years, and but a few of them were of recent date.

An appendix gives information with regard to the fusibility and clinkering properties of ash from a number of typical coal samples. A.G. Scroggie, a graduate student of the University, did the work as a research investigation carried out in order to gain a Master of Science degree. The Research Council supplied the necessary facilities and oversight for the work.

Edgar Stansfield and R.T. Hollies made the compilation, and the recent analyses referred to above were made by W.P. Campbell. R.T. Hollies drew the maps and charts. The analyses were made for the Provincial Mines Branch on samples supplied by them. The Mines Branch also supplied statistics as to outputs, and information as to location of the mines.

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Stansfield, E., Hollies, R.T. and Campbell, W.P. (1925): Analyses of Alberta coal; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 14, 62 p.