Report 34

Author(s) Date 1943-01-01


In this report the writer discusses the two latest geological maps of Alberta, and the geological and topographical data shown on these maps. The various geological formations shown on the maps are described in a general way, but no attempt is made to discuss fully the geology of Alberta, as it is known to date. Detailed descriptions of the various groups of rock formations and the distribution of each would require a much larger report than can be produced at this time. However, the general descriptions included in this report will enable the reader to obtain an idea of the diversified geology within Alberta, and will indicate that the exposed strata in Alberta include rocks varying widely in age, from the Precambrian to the early tertiary age. The rock formations in Alberta belong to many geological ages in the whole stratigraphical column, and represent about 65,000 feet of strata or a section approximately 12 miles in thickness.

In an area as large as that represented by Alberta, the thickness of each formation varies widely in different localities, so it is not possible to give an average thickness for any formation throughout the area where it occurs in Alberta. In general, the separate formations thicken from east to west. In on one locality are all the formations represented and in many areas several formations are missing. The absence of a formation may be due to the fact that sediments were not deposited in that area in the geological time represented by a formation, or the absence may be due to the removal by various erosion agents of the strata in a formation before younger sediments were deposited in that area. This report can be regarded as containing explanatory notes on the information shown on the geological map of Alberta.

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Allan, J.A. (1943): Geology; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 34, 200 p.