This is the digital database that is described in our Open File Report 1994-14. The database is implemented on a VAX station 4000 using INGRES, a commercially available database management system. It contains data on 2193 wells, including about 750 wells that have core analyses.

In 1986, Alberta Geological Survey began a project to map the McMurray Formation and the overlying Wabiskaw Member of the Clearwater Formation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area. The data that accompany this report are one of the most significant products of the project and will hopefully facilitate future development of the oil sands.

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Wynne, D.A., Attalla, M., Berezniuk, T., Brulotte, M., Cotterill, D.K., Strobl, R. and Wightman, D. (1995): Athabasca Oil Sands data McMurray/Wabiskaw oil sands deposit - electronic data; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Special Report 6.