Special Report 108

Author(s) Date 2017-09-27

Sixty-five thin sections were sent to Trican Geological Solutions Ltd. for description and photographs according to specific criteria outlined by the Alberta Geological Survey. The criteria were established to aid our understanding of the resource potential of shale- and siltstone-hosted hydrocarbons in Alberta. This client report is a compilation of thin section descriptions and images from unique samples.

Thin sections were taken from well core from the following formations: Cardium, Viking, Banff, Exshaw, Duvernay, Slave Point.

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Anderson, S.D.A, Rokosh, C.D. and Pawlowicz, J.G. (2017): Petrographic analysis of selected Alberta strata (Cardium, Viking, Banff, Exshaw, Duvernay, Slave Point); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Special Report 107, 516 p.