Open File Report 1984-21

Open File Report 1984-21

OFR 1984-21

Surficial Geology and Overburden Characteristics, Landon Lake Area.

Author(s) Fenton, M.M. Mougeot, C. Date 1984-01-21

This map and the report were prepared at the request of Mr. G. Grant, Amoco Canada Petroleum Ltd. They describe the surficial geology and overburden characteristics of the area described as Township 55, Range 6, West of 4th Meridian.

The surficial geology is based on air photo interpretation using 1:30,000 and 1:60,000 scale photos and field observations and analysis of samples collected during the summer of 1982.

The subsurface information was obtained from Alberta Environment lithologs and from Alberta Research Council borehole data and from the bedrock topography map by V.A. Carston and D.V. Currie (1973).

Information from adjacent townships was also used. All sites of observations are indicated on the map.

Mougeot, C. and Fenton, M.M. (1984): Surficial geology and overburden characteristics: Landon Lake area; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1984-21, 5 p.