Digital Data 2020-0023

Author(s) Date 2020-10-15

This grid is a digital rendering of the thickness and distribution of sediment overlying bedrock in Alberta produced by subtracting a newly revised bedrock topography gridded surface of Alberta that was generated using machine learning techniques from a land surface digital elevation model. This gridded data updates the sediment thickness portrayed in AGS Map 603, Sediment Thickness of Alberta. The grid was modelled using a 500 m grid cell spacing, and should not be used for local-scale studies requiring a higher spatial resolution.

The thickness and distribution of sediments overlying the bedrock surface in Alberta is highly varied, with modelled values ranging from less that 1 m to as much as 360 m. These sediments include Neogene fluvial deposits, glacigenic materials deposited during Quaternary glaciations, as well as postglacial sediments.

Place Keywords

Alberta Geological Survey (2020): Sediment thickness of Alberta, version 2 (gridded data, ASCII format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2020-0023.