Bulletin 008

Author(s) Date 1960-12-31

The Research Council of Alberta started this groundwater study within the framework of a much larger program toward completing an assessment of the groundwater resources of Alberta.

Groundwater in the Calgary area is of the bicarbonate type and the quality is suitable for industrial purposes, as well as for human consumption. The seasonal fluctuations in the chemical composition of the river waters clearly reflect base- flow conditions during the fall and winter months.

A stream-flow analysis of the Elbow River calculated the groundwater balance between 1949 and 1959. There appeared to be near equilibrium between natural discharge and natural recharge.

The Bow River valley and associated stream channels offer excellent opportunities for an integrated development of groundwater and surface water, which is economically a very favourable situation in semi-arid western areas.

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Meyboom, P. (1961): Groundwater resources of the City of Calgary and vicinity; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Bulletin 08, 82 p.