Digital Data 2015-0019

Author(s) Date 2015-08-05

This grid dataset is part of the three-dimensional (3-D) hydrostratigraphic model of the Sylvan Lake sub-basin in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, central Alberta. It represents the structure top of the Paskapoo Formation, which is the bedrock surface in the Sylvan Lake sub-basin.

The Paskapoo Formation is a highly heterogeneous system. To satisfy the needs of a groundwater flow model, internal characterization of rock properties was necessary to partition the formation into three distinct geological domains. The Upper Composite Slice is the uppermost of these three domains.

Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) Open File Report 2014-10 includes a full description of the process used to produce this structure grid.

NTS Keywords

Atkinson, L.A. (2015): Sylvan Lake sub-basin hydrostratigraphic model - top of the Paskapoo Formation - upper composite slice, central Alberta (gridded data, ASCII format); Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Digital Dataset 2015-0019.