Digital Data 2021-0021

Author(s) Date 2022-06-16

There is interest in diversifying Alberta’s resource economy towards new commodities including lithium. Lithium can be found in brines in a number of geological formations in Alberta, particularly in Devonian‐aged units. As part of the Lithium Prospectivity Project, the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) has compiled existing data on lithium and other geochemical analytes from oilfield brines. This data can be used by industry, the public, and academia to identify areas of enriched lithium and help determine groundwater flow regimes.

The dataset is comprised of 1081 data records, with most of them (709) coming from internal AGS data. The rest are compiled from more recent AGS publications (123 records); mineral assessment reports (144);  NI 43-101 reports (72 records, 10 of which overlap with AGS data); and a peer-reviewed journal publication (43 records).

Place Keywords

Lyster, S., Lopez, G.P. and Poulette, S. (2022): Geochemistry data of lithium-bearing groundwater in the Alberta Basin compiled from multiple sources (tabular data, tab-delimited format); Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey, AER/AGS Digital Data 2021-0021.