This map portrays a generalized compilation of the surficial geology of Alberta (1:1 000 000 scale) using published Alberta Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Canada, and Environment Canada maps, as well as university theses and new data. We compiled vector data from 65 existing maps (scales 1:50 000 to 1:500,000) along with project specific mapping of the few unmapped areas (1:500,000 to 1:1,000,000 scale). Three additional maps were consulted during compilation but were not ultimately included in this dataset (see Alberta Geological Survey Map 601 for more detail). We incorporated all of the data into a seamless provincial mosaic. Map boundary discrepancies were largely resolved during the process of reclassifying the input data to a common legend with only limited remapping. We then generalized the mosaic using GeoScaler software published by the Geological Survey of Canada (Open File 6231). The resulting surficial geology layer was overlaid on a hill-shaded Shuttle Radar Topography Mission digital elevation model. 

The legend, marginal notes, references, and data sources appear on the second page of the PDF of the map. Map units are described with representative photographs. The marginal notes describe the distribution of surficial deposits, their relative abundance, and an overview of their significance to Alberta's history and development. In addition, inset maps show the bedrock topography, ground-surface topography, and sediment thickness for all of Alberta.

Erratum (June 7, 2023): In the original version of this publication the location marker for the example of ice-thrust moraine (12) on Figure 6 of the legend page (page 2) was misplaced. This marker has been moved to the correct location in the updated publication.

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Fenton, M.M., Waters, E.J., Pawley, S.M., Atkinson, N., Utting, D.J. and Mckay, K. (2013): Surficial geology of Alberta; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Map 601