ERCB/AGS has embarked on a project to quantify shale gas resources in the province. We collected 74 outcrop samples and 203 samples from core from the Colorado Group. A series of ten analyses were run on selective samples, including isotherm, Rock-Eval 6, TOC, organic petrology, bulk mineralogy, clay mineralogy, permeameter, helium and mercury porosimetry, scanning electron microscope, environmental scanning electron microscope, and thin sections. Gas capacity has been calculated on a BCF/Sq. mile basis assuming a base case of 100% desorption and also a case assuming 25% free gas. A few thin sections and electron microscope descriptions are included with the remainder available when descriptions are complete.

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Rokosh, C.D., Pawlowicz, J.G., Berhane, H., Anderson, S.D.A. and Beaton, A.P. (2009): Geochemical and sedimentological investigation of the Colorado Group for shale gas potential: initial results; Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB/AGS Open File Report 2008-09, 86 p.