A 3D geological model of Paleogene-Quaternary sediment units has been rendered for west-central Alberta, as part of a combined geological and hydrogeological study in the region. The study integrates previously conceptualized stratigraphic units in the Paleogene-Quaternary succession with new interpretations into a 3D model.

This report describes the methodology used to develop the 3D model, provides insight into the key characteristics and depositional history of the 5 selected stratigraphic units by which the Paleogene-Quaternary sediment thickness is classified and modelled, and shows the 3D distribution of the 5 regionally mappable (1:100 000 scale) stratigraphic units through a series of maps. Shallow subsurface data used to develop the model included multisource borehole and field data containing lithological descriptions, geospatial datasets in GIS format, and published gridded information.

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Atkinson, L.A. and Hartman, G.M.D. (2017): 3D rendering of the regional stratigraphy of Paleogene−Quaternary sediments in west-central Alberta; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Report 93, 44 p.