The Atlas project benefited tremendously from the constructive advice and dedicated hard work of three longstanding project committees.

Atlas Steering Committee

The Atlas Steering Committee, a blend of external advisors and project coordinators, provided scientific direction to the project as a whole.

The membership consisted of: Grant Mossop, Chairman (Alberta Geological Survey); Andy Baillie, Advisor (Retired); Perry Glaister, Advisor (Retired); Don Kent, Lower Paleozoic Coordinator (University of Regina); Alan Blackie, Devonian Coordinator (Alberta & Southern Gas); and Dave Smith, Foreland Basin Coordinator (Canadian Hunter Exploration).

Atlas Editorial Committee

The Atlas Editorial Committee, made up of representatives from the Alberta Research Council (ARC) and Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), the co-publishers, determined and safeguarded the editorial integrity of the volume.

The membership consisted of: Grant Mossop, Co-chairman (Senior Scientific Editor, ARC); Jim Dixon, Co-chairman (Senior Scientific Editor, CSPG); Hans Speelman and Rory Hankel (Managing Editors, CSPG); Lorne Bradley (Graphics Supervisor, ARC); Dale Hite (Publishing Coordinator, ARC); Jo Monro (Copy Editor, Geoscribe); and Mika Madunicky (Manuscript Coordinator, ARC).

Atlas Finance Committee

The Atlas Finance Committee, acting on behalf of the CSPG, raised funds from the private sector to offset the final editing and printing costs of the Atlas (see credits p. vi).

The membership consisted of: Morley Brown, Chairman (Encal Energy Ltd.); Art Slingsby (Norcen Energy Resources); Alice Payne (Gulf Canada); Stephanie Erskine (Norcen Energy Resources).


As with most scientific compendia, this publication is founded upon the work of its authors teams of dedicated people collaborating on the compilation of individual chapters. Many worked hundreds and even thousands of hours, some largely on their own time, partly at home and partly at their offices, all with the tacit or explicit support of their employers.

Those who had substantive and sustained input into the compilation work are cited in the text as 'authors'. 'Additional contributors' are individuals who made significant contributions to the compilation of specific chapters, over a certain period of time or for certain special purposes.

Virtually all of the authors and contributors are members of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) and it was through the sanction, and very commonly the urging, of Society officials that authors and contributors were able to commit themselves to the project. Without the sponsorship of the CSPG and the pervasive support of its members the Atlas project could not have come to fruition.

Authors and contributors are cited in their respective chapters. There can be no expression of gratitude truly worthy of their splendid work.

Author's Employers

To the management of the companies and institutions for whom the authors work we express our profound gratitude.


  • Agis Associates Ltd.
  • Alconsult International Ltd.
  • ARCO Exploration and Production Research Technology
  • Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd.
  • Chevron Canada Resourses
  • Dorset Exploration Ltd.
  • Glyde Resources
  • Imperial Oil Resources Canada Ltd.
  • Inuvialuit Petroleum Corp.
  • Krishelle Enterprises Ltd.
  • Lithomaps Ltd.
  • Mark Resources Inc.
  • Maryanne Petroleum Ltd.
  • Mobil Oil Canada Ltd.
  • North Canadian Oils Ltd.
  • R.A. Olson Consulting Ltd.
  • Outtrim Szabo Associates Ltd.
  • PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd.
  • Petro-Canada Inc.
  • Sceptre Resources Ltd.
  • Shell Canada Ltd.


  • Alberta Department of Energy
  • Alberta Research Council
  • Energy Resources Conservation Board
  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • Manitoba Energy and Mines
  • National Energy Board
  • Saskatchewan Energy and Mines
  • Saskatchewan Research Council


  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • The University of Calgary
  • Fairview College
  • Mount Royal College
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Regina

The Atlas project is also indebted to the many independent and retired geologists who, self-employed, gave of their time and skills as authors and contributors.